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Damage Repair Hair Shampoo

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NutriGlow Advanced Organic Dry and Damage Repair Hair Shampoo

A good hair day is what we all want, but a great hair day is a miracle! NutriGlow knows how crucial your hair is; hence it has come up with this premium quality shampoo. It helps in cleansing all the impurities, detoxifies the follicles, removes the sebum & deep cleanses the pores to let your shiny hair breathe freely

Benefits of NutriGlow Advanced Organics Dry and Damage Repair Hair Shampoo:

  • Promotes scalp health & increases blood circulation
  • Deeply cleanses your scalp and nourishes it
  • Moisturizes the scalp & strands from deep within
  • Removes dandruff and prevents hair fall
  • Prevents the hair from frizzing & damage
  • Makes the hair grow faster and longer