NutriGlow Papaya Fruit Facial Kit _250 gm+10 ml

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This NutriGlow Papaya Fruit Facial Kit is made of natural ingredients which are known to brighten and tighten your skin. Treat your skin to the TLC of these products, and with time, you’ll realise benefits such as reduction in wrinkles, lightening of dark spots, and lessening of acne breakouts.

One Beauty Kit for Tons of Your Skin Woes

Papaya, which is a core ingredient in these beauty products, is a rich source of enzymes which intensely hydrate dry and flaky skin. This fruit also has lightening properties, and helps clear the blemishes and pigmentation on your skin. The massage scrub in this kit contains enzymes which exfoliate dead skin cells off. Papaya extracts in these products help tackle dark circles, scars, burns, and uneven skin tone. Abundant in vitamin A and C content, and with a considerable amount of the papain enzyme, these face products are great for getting rid of tan.


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NutriGlow Papaya fruit facial kit helps to remove the dead cells of your skin. This facial kit eliminates the acne marks, scars & blemishes on your skin. Its Peppermint, Orange oil and lemon extracts helps in absorbing vitamin c and retain the skin moisture.

Facial Kit Contains 6 Easy Steps to Beautiful Skin –

#1 – Deep Cleanser – Cleanser has the special properties of peppermint extracts which provides the deep cleansing to maintain the softness of your skin.

#2 – Exfoliating Scrub – Scrub helps to clean the dead skin cells. It softens the blackheads and offers deep cleansing without natural moisture while scrubbing.

#3 – Nourishing Gel – orange oil extracts in this gel helps to re-generate your skin cells. The skin shows the signs of youth and vitality.

#4 – Skin Whitening Cream – Cream helps to remove the dark spots of your skin and gives the instant glow.

#5 – Firming Mask Pack – Pack helps to improve the skin texture and boosts the skin renewal and hydration.

#6 – Skin Radiance Serum – Serum helps to reduce the visible signs of aging. It becomes the skin smooth and toned with the lightened Effects to give more radiant glow to all skin types.

Benefits of Papaya Fruit Facial Kit –

  • Helps in exfoliating dead cells resulting into the glowing skin.
  • Eliminates acne marks, scars & blemishes on skin.
  • Helps in lightening complexion & evens skin tones.
  • Removes dead skin cells

Key Ingredients of Papaya Fruit Facial Kit –

  • Peppermint oil Extracts – Peppermint oil has smoothing and cooling abilities that helps to freshen the skin.
  • Orange Oil Extracts – orange oil extracts have shown to increase the ability to absorb Vitamin C, collagen production, and blood flow.
  • Rose Geranium Extracts – Helps to retain the Skin Moisture.
  • Lemon Oil Extracts – helps in improving and maintaining the skin tones.

Pack Contains –

  • Deep Cleanser – 50 Gms
  • Exfoliating Scrub – 50 Gms
  • Nourishing Gel – 50 Gms
  • Skin Whitening Cream – 50 Gms
  • Firming Mask Pack – 50 Gms
  • Serum – 10 ml

Instructions –

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Don’t try with animals
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Dimensions24 × 20 × 8.5 cm


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