NutriGlow Natural’s Combo of Onion Hair Oil (100 ml)+ Onion Hair Shampoo (300 ml)+ Onion Hair Conditioner (300 ml) and Onion Hair Re-Growth Booster (50 ml)



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NutriGlow Onion Hair Oil is not just oil. It is a complete anti-dandruff & anti-hair fall formula that strengthens the damaged hair & pushes healthy hair growth. This onion hair oil is composed with naturally extracted Amla Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Onion Seed Oil, Essential Oils and other elements to sprinkle your hair with nature-love.Give a relaxing massage to your scalp for healthy growing hair with our onion hair oil. Hair is the pride which we all wear & desire to keep this pride lifelong. NutriGlow Onion Hair Shampoo is groomed for grooming the dormant & damaged hair of both men & women. The star ingredient added in this hair shampoo is sulfur rich ‘onion seed oil’ that prevents hair shedding, hair thinning and instantly promotes healthy hair to grow out of nourished follicles. These days hair loss is not only hereditary but also a result of undisciplined lifestyle that deteriorates the authenticity of natural-looking, shiny, strong, long & tangle-free hair. NutriGlow DHT-Blocker Onion Hair Conditioner is prepared with naturally extracted Onion Seed Oil, Jojoba extracts, Amla extracts, Neem extracts to mention but a few.NutriGlow Onion Hair Re-growth Booster is naturally designed to boost the growth of voluminous long hair. Hair is often referred to as the crowning glory, but while suffering from hair shedding not only hair stops re-growing but also the shine of the remaining hair goes down.

  • Increases Blood Circulation in the Scalp
  • Nourishes Hair Follicles & Settles Tangled Hair Instantly
  • Makes Hair Soft, Shiny & Curl-Free
  • Keeps Dandruff & Dryness Away
  • Protects Hair from Contaminated Air & Water
  • Stops Male & Female Pattern Balding
  • Keeps Hair Hydrated & Nourished
  • Unclog Pores to Reduce Hair Fall
  • Eliminates Clogged Hair Follicles
  • Facilitates Healthy Hair Growth Lifelong

  • Onion Seed Oil- The anti-fungal properties of onion seed oil eliminate pathogens that can cause hair fall & hair thinning. It treats dry scalp that takes the hair out from the vicious circle of dandruff. Our onion hair shampoo contains purely extracted onion seed oil that rejuvenates the brassiness of hair, stimulates healthy hair growth & balances the natural oil on the scalp.
  • Tea Tree Oil- Tea Tree Oil gently removes dead scalp skin making way for new skin that eventually leads to the development of healthy & nourished hair. It supplies plenty of oxygen to hair follicles that prevent hair & scalp from all types of scalp infections. Also, it is a significant natural element that fights excess scalp oil, especially in summers to keep your mind & soul fresh all day long.
  • Bhringraj Oil- Bhringraj is a godsend ingredient for the people dealing with baldness & patchy hair. It prevents premature hair greying, makes hair lustrous & tangle-free. It targets the nuances necessary for thicker fuller hair and boosts the inner strength of hair fibres. We have coupled our onion hair shampoo with Bhringraj oil in its purest form so as to make your hair shiny, bouncy, high-holding, intensified and full of nature-love.

•   Redensyl- Redensyl is a recently discovered biotechnology that activates dying hair follicles, prevents hair loss           & promotes new hair to grow healthy. It is also a great treatment for alopecia & empowers scalp to get rid of                   ingrained toxins that increase the hair intensity on the scalp.

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