Skin lightening product known to be bleach cream it works to reduce melanin pigment in the skin. Most of the people having freckles, age spots, acne or discoloration use these lighteners. Many of us deal with uneven skin tone near to forehead or lips area or there may be blotches and blemishes on your skin so in that bleach cream would be effective.


  • It is cheap for using that means affordable to everyone.
  • Using a bleach cream face became white, clean and attractive.
  • Bleach cream reacts instantly and make the face one or two tone lighter.
  • Bleach cream is not only for face but also may be applied to other parts of the body

Content of bleach cream

  • Hydroquinone: one of the most common as well as harmful ingredients in bleaching cream is this, even though it is very popular but it effect the skin and make it unable to fight against UVA and UVB
  • Tropical Retinoid: this is the main ingredient that is used for lightening the skin it thins the skin allow other agents to get into the skin easily.
  • Botanicals: compound generated from plants added to modern cosmetics. This inhibit the production of melanin without being harmful for skin
  • Mercury: it is very popular but when used lots of time it affect the skin and make it unable to fight against infection.
  • Other agents: like Vitamin C

Currently we have bleach cream kit in the markets as Nutriglow kits having

  • Cream
  • Activator powder

How to use Nutriglow bleach cream:

  • Cleansing the face: Firstly clean the face with Lukewarm water. If you have pre-bleach cream in the kit then apply it.
  • How to prepare bleach cream: Take 2 scoop of cream in the kit and add 2-3 pinch of activator powder mix it well with the hand or tiny spatula
  • How to apply it: Use your hand or face mask brush to apply the mixture evenly on the face and avoid the sensitive areas. After applying it wait for 15 minutes be carefully and don’t get panic since it makes irritation.
  • Removing the bleach cream: Firstly wipe the face using a wet tissue or a soft towel then wash the face with the Lukewarm water dry it using a soft towel and if any post cream is available in the kit apply it.


  • It is recommended that do the bleaching bream in the evening because one not need to apply anything after the bleaching.
  • For dark skin colour never leave the bleach cream more than 10-15 minutes.
  • After applying bleach cream do not use any face cleanser for next 6-7 hours
  • After applying bleach cream do apply moisturizer it will improve the blood circulation in the face area which aids fairer skin.
  • After having bleached avoid moving in sun because that will burn the face skin and will result in making the skin darker.


The creams are good enough to treat melasma, aging spots and all types of hyperpigmentation which cause dark spots and patches.

Thing to be remember

  • Bleach cream has ammonia in content so do not use before 3 weeks period or after a month.
  • Bleach on the face can give you skin whitening and skin lightening if you follow proper procedure.
  • Do not leave the bleach cream for too long it will make rashes.