Summer are here then skin needs attention increasing temperature leads to skin problem and disease includes rashes,itching, pimples,redness,or skin taking care of skin is very important here are some tips to get healthy skin.

Tips to get healthy skin in summers

  • Follow the essential routine: for that use NutriGlow deep cleansing milk for cleaning, after that apply NutriGlow skin toner for toning the skin and moisturising should be done in proper routine twice a day for best results. Because what happens in summers dirt get stick to pores due to continuous sweating so.
  • Exfoliate: mild scrubbing is important to remove dirt and to remove dead skin from the skin because it is a good bed for fungus and other enzymes. Scrubbing is just gently massaging all over the skin. Scrubbing too hard willalso affect the skin.
  • Fresh: best way to get rid of your tired look is to NutriGlow face wash the face from cold water or use rose water or cotton pads in under eyes areas.
  • Protect:protection is must weather from fungus or from sun rays that is UV rays, or could use NutriGlowsun screen and people having dry skin should use proper moisturizer.
  • Soothe: soothe is very effective and necessary when your skin has been exposed to sun for this NutriGlowaloe vera gel and cocoa butter makes the skin hydrated and moisturise. Take one of them and simply massage it over the face or arms and legs for 5mins.
  • Drinking water: in proper way is very important it keeps the body hydrated and keeps skin glowing and avoid dryness. Warm water is also very good for health and skin 1 glass a day is very good. There is one more benefit in having 3L waters a day is you feel light and slim.
  • Masking: face mask is very important it keeps the bacteria away it doesn’t matter whether it is a homemade mask or ready made from market.
  • Your skin says what you eat healthy eating is must to get a healthy body fruits,vegetable,green vegetables,vitamins,minerals, proteins are necessary to have in diet.
  • Meditation: give some time to yourself is very essential. These days everybody has heavy schedule and stressed life so releasing stress is also very necessary because stress makes the skin dull and takes himfreshness from the skin.
  • Sleep: proper sleep is very important at least 8 hrs every night. Sleeps plays an important role in life it makes the soul calm and compose which shows keeps the skin glowing and fresh second advantage is it makes the body healthy.


    If you remember these step your skin always glow:
    After taking bath moisturise your whole body before applying any makeup and remember going out not to forget Sun Screen you may choose NutriGlow Sun Screen on to the exposed areas. After every 2 hour reapply Sun Screen, after coming home face your face from NutriGlow face wash and use cleansing milk to remove make up before going to bed and ton your face properly and for this you may use NutriGlow cleansing milk and toner. Ring one glass of warm water every morning. Keeping this routine daily in whole summer makes the skin clean clear and hydrated.