Fresh Rose Skin Toner

Nutriglow Fresh Rose Skin Toner

Dry, sensitive or mature needs a gentle touch. In a world of "technology" loaded cosmetics, using a toner with only two active ingredients may seem unusual. But at NutriGlow, we believe in using effective ingredients instead of filler. Our most moisturizing toner, Pure Rose Toner relies on the King and Queen of the essential oils world, Rose and Grape seed. Both oils have been used for thousands of years to treat dryness, redness or irritation. Rose is particularly nourishing and cooling, while grape seed helps your skin produce the right amount sebum (oil) to keep it suppler. Rose helps retain moisture and is mildly astringent, which evens skin toners and improves its appearance. Simplicity at its best
Key Ingredients: Rose extracts, Iso Propyl alcohol, Glycerine, Grape seed Extract, Preservatives

Key Benefits

  • Helps retain moisture for 24 hrs
  • Hydrates & Nourishes epidermal tissues
  • Mildly astringent
  • Protects skin from bacterial infection
  • Visibly diminishes dark spots
  • Soothes and evens skin tone
  • Increase skin elasticity

How To use:

Moisten a cotton pad and apply all over your cleansed face and neck.
Complete with NutriGlow Skin Whitening Fairness Cream/Anti-Ageing Cream. For best results use twice daily.

Package Contents:
1 bottle of Toner